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Established for over 5 years, we are a small family-run business that have helped many home owners realise their dream of a comfortable and convenient outdoor space. From our base in Hampshire in the UK we cover a 30 mile area around Southampton, offering free design consultations and quotes and with a range of services from a complete deck design through to an ongoing maintenance contract.

This website aims to provide a useful information resource for those embarking on a new decking project. We will gradually be adding further information and examples of previous projects. We have just issued a press release giving some more details about our services to coincide with the launch of the site.

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Thinking about your new decking project ? Want to know roughly how much you need to budget ? Why not get in ouch with Brett and the team and we will provide a no obligation quotation - either for delivery of a complete decking kit for DIY installation or for a complete turn key project. Simply head over to our quote page and fill in the details of your project. We do ask that you provide as much information as possible, including uploading a drawing (a simple sketch with some dimensions will do). We look forward to hearing from you !

Which Type of Decking Kits Are The Best ?

If you want to build a deck and you have not yet decided on the material type, you should first consider some of the alternatives. The two most popular types of decking kit are those made from wood and those made from recycled plastic material. The choice really depends on your taste and of course, your budget.

If you want a simple patio that does not require high maintenance, you can go for recycled decking kits, as they are cheap and very easy to install. The kit contains everything, from full installation instructions to the last screw. However, if you would prefer a more natural look for you decking area, then you should opt for wooden decking kits. They cost a little bit more, but the results can be very impressive. The biggest disadvantage of this type of decking is that you will have to take proper care of the material in order to extend its lifespan. You should be prepared to carry out some annual treatment of the wood to preserve its natural beauty. All decking kits we supply have the option of an annual maintenance contract.

Why Choose Recycled Plastic ?

The main advantages of recycled plastic for your decking are as follows:

  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Wide choice of colours and finishes
  • Ease of installation

However, plastic decking can be more expensive than traditional wooden decking.

A Brief Introduction to Timber Decking Installation

Timber decking is becoming increasingly popular among those who love to do things themselves. There are many types of timber kits on the market due to the high demand and to make it easier for customers to get the deck they want without having to specify every last plank and screw. Although the installation is relatively easy, there are some important aspects that should be taken care of. Pay attention to any planning requirements that may be applicable in your area.

Timber decking requires some time in order to dry and stabilise before beginning installation. Therefore, it should be left in the construction area for at least 48 hours, so the wood can adjust to the new environment. After that you can continue with your installation, carefully following the instructions.

Adequate Shade Cover For Your Deck

Ensure that the deck area is adequately shaded taking account of the movement of the sun throughout the day. There are a wide range of alternative shade solutions including parasols, gazebos, pergolas and awnings. However, to add style as well as shade to your deck area you should consider the use of shade sails. These are a relatively new product that are specifically designed to provide a high degree of UV protection. The porous shade fabric allows heat to escape from beneath the shade providing truly cool shade. The largest manufacturer world wide is Sail Shade World from Australia and they have various distibutors around the world. In the European market are a leading on-line retailer and also supply our clients in the UK. The product is supplied with a 10 year warranty and we have been very satisfied with the quality and longevity of the sails. The product has proven so popular it even has its own facebook page.

We can incorporate shade cover as a part of your decking design in a variety of materals and colours. We recommend the use of breathable shade fabric as supplied Sail Shade World as this allows hot air to escape from underneath the sail, providing cooler shade. The sials can be attached to an adjacent building or supported with posts which can be engineered into the deck in wood, stainless or galvanised steel. If you are interested in shade cover, please add this requirement which submitting your enquiry.

Recoat Your Timber Deck with the Right Products

If you own a timber decking you already know the importance of its maintenance. However, at some point your deck might need a recoat. There are basically two types of products used to recoat timber decking and these are either oil or water based. Water based products tend to be more expensive but have the advantage that they are more environmentally friendly and make the brushes easier to clean ! These days any product should carry a guarantee of how long the coating will last - aim for at least 2 years but preferably 5. This will keep you deck boards looking cleaner for longer and help protect the wood from deterioration due to the UV rays from the sun.

NEW - Supply Only Service

Savoy Timber

We recognise that not all of our custoemrs require a full installation service and may only require help and advice with choosing the right materials. With this in mind we have established a partnership with Savoy Timber Ltd, one of the UK's leading suppliers of decking materials. From their base in the North West (Preston, Blackpool and Wigan) they offer a low cost, nationwide delivery service.

Potential Timber Shortages

Growing concern about the environment is placing restrictions on logging operations in some countries which could affect world supplies of timber for decking.

It is therefore likely that the popularity of recycled plastic decking will continue to increase as natural timber, partcularly hard woods, becomes increasingly scarce.

The management of our forests and the security of our protected areas is an opportunity for the O'Farrell government to demonstrate it will not always be beholden to fringe anti-environment interests, that it can cut through the tired arguments, make good environmental and industry policy decisions, and that it understands the people of NSW love their environment and want to experience and protect it, not see it abused.
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Latest Customer Comments

'Thrilled about quality of the wood decking. Very few knots and splits. Beautiful wood quality.'

'Wood quality is good'

'Used for patio door entrance / exit into the house, great secure footing non slip and attractive to see.'

'Have just completed a five month project in my front garden and whilst at the planning stage decided to use a variety of textures and materials. Had noted this decking product and its quality finish as well as its non slip safety features. Have now included it as a feature in the font garden and I am extremely pleased with the final result. It has also been noted with interest by those viewing the completed project.'

'I bought this to replace tiled steps and entrance landing at the front of my house. Not only is it non slip and feels really comfortable to walk on, but it looks good, blending in with the colours of our external paintwork.'

'As I was asked to form a ramp for an elderly person from her patio doors into her garden , it was ideal to give her confidence to exit her apartment instead of a step. Ideal product'

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Here are five ways homeowners can use wood to bolster a home’s curb appeal.

  • Fences and “screens”
  • Strategic siding
  • Accent pieces
  • Walkways and entries
  • Live-edge benches and furniture

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Cutting-Edge Deck Trends for 2017

While decks will remain a place to congregate and enjoy the great outdoors, here are 10 trends that are ready to takeoff this year.

  • Deck Board Bending
  • Heating & Lighting to Extend Seasonality
  • Decks Built for the Elements
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Relax with Fiberon Decking

Relax Decking by Fiberon is a strong, durable deck board that is designed to outperform wood or uncapped composites. The new class of decking material uses Rise Technology, a patented process, that fuses synthetic fibers for unbeatable strength and durability.

The decking line is easy to cut and install, and goes where wood can’t – including ground applications and marine environments.

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Designing your Dream Deck

When planning a deck, there are a few basic questions a homeowner needs to consider.

What is your budget? Will you be building the deck or hiring a contractor for installation? What are the material options and the associated maintenance requirements? Do you need a permit? Do you want to add railing, lighting, planter boxes, or other accessories?

A wood deck made from cedar is an affordable option and holds up well in the Pacific Northwest climate. Cedar is a beautiful wood that is easy to install and resistant to rot, decay, and insects.

For a truly unique appearance and exceptional durability, consider one of the exotic hardwoods such as Mahogany, Ipe, Tigerwood, or Cumaru. They are remarkable decking products and do exceptionally well in coastal regions.

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