Decking Kits

Decking Kits

Decking kits provide the quickest and easiest way for you to get the deck you require. In the past it would have been necessary to prepare a detailed plan and schedule of materials which was very time consuming. Nowadays, manufacturers have made the job easy by providing everything required in kit form. As long as you can handle a drill and a screwdriver you should be able to build your own deck.

These decking kits offer decking made of high-quality, pressure treated wood. They come in different price ranges, largely depending on the size of the deck and the quality of the timber used. Softwood presents the best value but is not as long lasting as hard wood.

Decking kits usually include everything that you will require: decking boards for the deck surface, decking boards for facing all four sides of the deck, frames, screws, ensele for resealing any cut end grain, decking oil for protecting your decking and landscaping fabric to stop weed growth through your garden decking.

Making something new for your house can be a very exciting and satisfying project. Decking kits provide one solution but are not usually suited to uneven ground or difficult access or installation conditions. In these cases it would be better to emply the services of a professional. Deck By Design offer free advice and quotations - why not get in touch with Brett SOEKERSHOF if you want a complete solution without having to do it yourself.

Decking Material: Wood or Composite?

Softwood is usually the cheapest solution for the basic deck material and if it is pressure treated should last for many years. However, it will require ongoing maintenenance as it is a natural product that will deteriorate over time. Composite decking is even longer lasting and only requires cleaning to keep it looking like new - but it is generally more expensive.