Types Of Timber Decking

 Decking Types

Various Types of Decking

The deck of a house is usually a flat even platform build little above the ground and connected to the main house. It is normally enclosed with railings for safety and style. Decking can be built over steep areas or uneven rough ground which would otherwise be unused. Decks over uneven ground will require more support to make them stable and safe. For particularly difficult terrain you should get advice from a builder or structural engineer. Larger houses or buildings can have decks on the top floor which is open to the sky. These could be used as observation desk or a roof garden. Some decks are constructed around swimming pools. Decking could even be covered with canopy or pergola to shade from sunlight. Decks are also used as board walks which are constructed over sand or muddy terrain.

Decking can transform your garden or patio and give it a totally new look. There are many easy to assemble decking kits available on the market now. Decking assembly is no longer a long and complicated job, as these kits come with simple and easy to follow instructions. The decking boards are cut to length so no additional sawing or finishing is required. You need not have any special carpentry skills to be able to assemble one of these ready to build kits.

Different manufacturers offer different types of decking kits. Some give 10-15 years guarantee against rotting, some give good waterproofing, others give assurance again weed growth, it is for you to decide which one you want. Along with this you can find decking kits made of timber and other type of wood. You can also find kits with different finishing, colors and style.

The market today has a wide variety of self-assembling decking kits. This gives the buyer a vast choice, you can go in for simple small or large decking or you could even add some style and grandeur to your garden or patio, the choice is totally yours. The manufacturers are willing to give you decking of different sizes and they are also ready to custom make decking kits to meet your requirements. Decking boards are usually made from pressure treated softwood, as this is long lasting, but will still require at least some ongoing maintenance.