Deck Maintenance

Decking Maintenance

Timber Decking Maintenance

If you have chosen timber decking, you should be aware that the lifespan of the deck reflects directly on the maintenance. This type of decking requires more attention from the house owner than composite decking materials. If you wish to maintain that beautiful look and those original colours, as they were when you first bought it, then you should allowforregular maintenance.

Timber decking requires cleaning at least once a year and should be trated with a protective coating every 2-3 years.

Whether your timber decking is new or old it requires a certain amount of maintenance and although there are many variations of advice and products available, the effort taken to keeping it looking it’s best for many years, is really worthwhile.

Whether your new wood has been pressure treated or not (pressure treated wood usually has a greenish tint) it should be treated with a deep penetrating treatment (not a stain or cheap oil as this will not penetrate into the wood) specifically designed for new wood, and ideally should be applied as soon as possible after your decking is installed. This helps to expel new moisture or water from getting into the wood.

Sudden changes in weather conditions (one minute rain, the next minute sun etc) causes damp wood and then the sun causes the wood to swell and crack. Some of the more expensive products used for treating wood contain a fungicide that helps prevent the growth of algae, thus, helping to avoid slippery and potentially dangerous wet decking.

On a new deck, plant holders ideally should be placed on waterproof trays and if possible raised off the surface of the deck. This will help prevent stains, and help the wood to breathe.

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